Spend 1$ and get 43$ on ROI

Many marketers still debate on whether or not email marketing is dead. Some defend that the way to go is social media advertising, digital influencers or paid ads but others still rely on email marketing.

A study conducted by SuperOffice (2020) states that email marketing is actually the most effective and result-driven for B2B companies.

This study included 1000 companies, during a 90 day period, where SuperOffice analysed 4500 email marketing campaigns.

For this study, 20% were large companies, 48% medium and 32% small.

Let's look at the numbers which are pretty straight forward:

1) 59% of B2B companies are not investing on email marketing;

2) 8% of all emails don't include a unsubscribe link;

3) On average, B2B companies send a single email on every 25 days;

4) Almost 1/5 campaigns were not tested to be optimized for mobile devices;

5) For every dollar people spend on email marketing, they get an average of $43 in ROI

6) 26% say that email marketing is the most accurate strategy that positively impacts a company's revenue

7) 45% of marketers say that B2B Email Marketing is the MOST effective digital marketing channel

8) designing email marketing strategies drawn upon an educational content adds more value to your product or service

Statistics have shown that segmented email marketing campaigns saw a rise of 760% in revenue.

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