Have ever heard about Prymatica’s story? Here’s your chance

Prymatica launched 6 months ago to solve a universal problem: most business owners feel like their business is stagnant, and on top of that, they cant even pitch their product properly.

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We currently focus our business on achieving leads for our business and others by sending out cold emails where we offer a competitive analysis.

Our process is based on 3 steps:

1) identify businesses online

2) send them an email

3) offer a quick analysis

In the beginning, it would take us 8–9 hours to find leads and send around 100–200 emails.

After that, we started automating the entire process, and we developed our B2B Automation System. This allowed us to spend thousands of emails per day, and the results are 10x more.

This system comprises two services: PryScare and PryMail. Our average results — we get 3–4 call requests per 100 emails we send out.

After 3–4 months of launching our system, we got 50 clients, and because we grew our business so fast, we are now working with an amazing team of 20 employees who help us optimize our cold outreach process. When we say that we deliver better results than Facebook ads or Google ads, we literally mean that. Not only take you and your business onboard on our B2B Marketing System, but we also guide you and assist you throughout this journey.

We are with you from day 1. We get your prospects and leads, and we help you close your deals with them. Going 10x is only for game changers and adventurous people who aspire to take their business to another level.

If you are interested in learning more, please register here for the FREE webinar on the 20th of October .