4 most common mistakes while doing cold outreach

A cold email is a way to connect with the person who does not know you yet. A cold email can be both your friend and your foe. It can either open up a world of opportunities for you or damage your reputation irrevocably. When done right, it can be your instrument for getting new contacts or leads for finding a mentor, business partners, or investors. It can help you land the job of your dreams or close the deal of your life. When done wrong, it can be a very costly mistake to pay for.

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At Prymatica, we send out millions of emails every month to generate qualified leads and send cold personalized emails for my clients.

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1) Not having a proper structure to the emails

Most of the people send out something generic. If you want to grab your potential clients’ attention, make sure to say who you are, how you find that email address, and how you can help their business.

Also, you must have a call to action by the end of your email. And it should always be a question.

Ex. Hey, I am Robby from Prymatica; I found your website

(ToysRUs.com) while looking for a toymaker in Beverly Hills. We have a

solution that I can show you in 2 minutes that will help you generate as many B2B leads as you want on autopilot with 10x better results than Facebook ads or Google ads.

(Established who I am, how I found you, and how I can help you).

We’ve used this tool to generate thousands of leads for clients from small businesses up to Inc. 1000 companies even during the Pandemic.

(Authority established)

I’d love to send you a 2-minute personalized video showing you exactly what I’m talking about. Can I send you the video?

(CTA always a question)

Robby Frank,


2) Not having a super-compelling offer

Here, you must structure your email in a way where you are either maximizing the benefit or lowering the risk. You must look at the client and see the ideal solution that you can for him in the perfect situation you can imagine.

Ex 1. I’d be happy to send you 3 highly engaging proven posts for roofing contractors that will get you to increase your client base.

Ex 2. I’d love to work with you guys, and just to prove to you how much we can help you, I’ll offer a 10-day 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with us for any reason, you don’t pay a thing.

3) Buy more than one email when you send them out

Use different domains to rotate the email content through all the emails you got. This will increase the chance of your email being delivered.

4) Not automating the entire process

The fact that you do not have an automation process in practice does not allow you to send large volume to do an A/B test.

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As said above, a cold email can be a powerful tool to get highly qualified leads, establish contacts, or form lasting business relationships. It is a great way to reach out to people who potentially like you, but do not know you yet. And precisely because this instrument is so powerful, it can work both ways. It can as easily damage your good name and avert people from you.

Your task is to make your cold email stand out and spark interest in your prospects. There are some tips for cold emails: they should be properly structured, focused around providing a compelling offer, tailored to their specific needs and desires, ensuring the deliverability of the emails, and the most important of them all, AUTOMATION, which we at Prymatica do it the best with our Advanced B2B Marketing Automation System.

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